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Aug 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
by barack obama. >>> you may want to the got night light out of your child's room. tips on how to help ease the first day jitters for the little ones. >> a nasty thunderstorm moving in. we'll have the most accurate forecast moving in at 5:00 >>> all right. top story we'll bring you over to maryland's most powerful radar. this is moving toward kent, queen anne's county. if you're still watching us on the bay, you want to avoid the bay (this storm continues to push off east. as you go through severna park, it will push toward eastern anne arundel county. we'll take a look to the north and west. there's not much happening right now but we're expecting more storms. it's a slow moving storm moving through deep creek. this will be over central maryland. more thunderstorms in the picture later tonight. the numbers range between the upper 70s to 81 downtown. most of the observations are coming off our daytime highs. 85 at 8:00. a pear of 7's at 11:00. we'll be in the 70s tomorrow. a nice are day. we'll talk about your weekend forecast. that's coming up in just a little bit. >>> thanks to
Aug 16, 2013 5:00pm EDT
aside for egypt. yesterday president obama said that the violence must stop. >> the egyptian people deserve better than what we have seen over the last several days. >> reporter: a white house advisor told abc news that the u.s. wants to remain engaged but the further egypt heads down a violent path, it's hard for the obama administration to maintain commitment. >> we have been blamed by supporters of mercy and blamed by the other side as if we are supporters. >> president obama said that the blame game needs to stop. it won't help egypt get on the path to stability. karen travers, abc news washington. >>> the nsa secret surveillance program did break privacy rules thousands of times since 2008. the new revelation is the from the information from leaker edward snowden. they found that the agency had collected unauthorized data more than 2700 times and most of the time the surveillance involved americaners or foreign intelligence targets inside the u.s. for its part the nsa say a number of factors can cause the statistics to go down from one quarter to the next. >>> one of the worse
Aug 7, 2013 5:00pm EDT
decision to have a one on one with putin. president obama's decision was in the surprising after last night's comments. >> there have been times where they three back into the cold war thinking and cold war mentality. what i have consistently said to them is that's the past. >> for their part russian officials said they're dells appointed there wouldn't be a meeting, that the invitation is still on the table. >>> a restaurant institute as ban on children, no kids allowed after 7 p.m. it's a poll to create an adult atmosphere but does it punish parties. >> and a mom is kicked out of a coffee shop after a boy has a meltdown. this summer, new york state is back and open for business. with endless beaches, hundreds of miles for hiking...or biking. endless rivers and streams ready to take your breath away. and more than enough wineries to please every pallet. we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacation in new york state. plan your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome. >>> it's tonight ease hot topic. you hire
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3